Photoshop DIY – Top 10 Useful Photoshop Tutorials You Don’t Want To Miss!

1) Learn how to make a virtual iPad with Photoshop.  I know, you can make a Papercraft iPad but wouldn’t it be nicer if you customize the buttons/menus yourself?

2) How to use selective coloring in Photoshop: [VIDEO] – This one is essential to learn since you can block out colors while highlighting the ones you want.  Some cameras can do this without Photoshop but I think it’s always smarter to do it on Photoshop and leave the original image alone.


3) How to Make Photoshop faster on slower computers. – If you happen to run into performance problems on Photoshop, you should check out this great article that shows you different things/setting you can do to make Photoshop faster.  My advice?  Make sure you are running on a 64-bit OS such as Windows 7 and run 64-bit version of Photoshop, it’s like 10 times faster.

4) How to change hair color on Photoshop. – This one can be great for changing color of people’s hair, probably easy to do so learn it!

5) How to add soft-focus to your photos. – Adding soft focus to your photos can help you take more crisp photos in the sun while you add the sun later by adding soft focus.  Other than that, this is an essential skill for Photoshop users.

6) How to Draw realistic eyes on Photoshop! – Here’s a great tutorial on how to draw realistic eyes from scratch, brilliant!


7) How to Make an Abstract Wallpaper with Photoshop! – This one is great for making an abstract wallpaper for your computer or even for website design.

8) How to Convert People into Neon! – This could be a fun one for creating party effect for your daylight photos.

9) How to Create Smoke Effect in Photoshop! – Another great tutorial for making smoke on Photoshop.

10) How to Make a Cool Photo Strip on Photoshop! – This one is definitely not to miss, you will get a nice photo strip with any combination of photos you already have.

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