Redfly Mobile Dock Allows you to Connect Your Smartphone to a Display and Keyboard!

Celio’s Redfly Mobile Dock is now available in Europe, soon to be available here in the U.S. (I think).  This Redfly Mobile Dock basically allows you to use your smartphone sorta like your laptop, allowing you to connect an LCD monitor and keyboard.

While you might think this is redundant and why in the world would you even carry all that with you when you can just carry a laptop, there’s some good reasons.

Let me explain.  As smartphones get more advanced in the next 2 to 5 years, having an HDMI 1080P output on smartphones in year 2015 is not too far away.  Given that mobile CPU clock rates have been at least doubling every year, there’s a good chance we might not ever need to carry laptops in the future.

Also consider that most smartphones coming out in year 2015 will probably have on-board mini-projectors, good enough to show 1080P videos.

If you consider these things, Celio is really just getting ready for the future.  Really, no one really needs any of these devices right now but everyone might be using them in year 2015.

Of course, with things like pico-projectors with input capability, perhaps this isn’t such a great business in the long run, see video of the Light Blue pico-projectors I took at CES 2010 this year:


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