Japanese T-Shirt Company Allows DIY Custom Designs via Twitter!


Can you imagine if you could “tweet” and be able to make custom T-shirt designs?  Well, that seems highly unlikely but that’s exactly a Japanese T-shirt company is doing now.

You will have to use the custom T-shirt making language which allows you to make patterns and move them anywhere you’d like.

It’s probably going to annoy hell out of your fellow twitters but this seems like a radical idea for future machines, Twitter can become an efficient middle-man.

This art installation, originally designed by Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi, allows Twitter-users to tweet instructions to web site that replies with an example output. Upon approval it sends the design to a bank of industrial sewing machines which then embroider the resulting pattern onto a t-shirt. The web site still works, but not sure if you can still buy the shirt you create.

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