Flash Mobs in Canana for Olympics!


I was just hoppin’ over at John Chow (lucky bas+ard!) who lives in Vancouver, noticed that he was “had” by a flash mob, suddenly a group of people started dancing for no reason in the middle of Olympic festival, AWESOME.  This reminds me of that one time Santa’s elves mobbed New York Time Square and when San Franciscans turned into zombies.

Anyways, some nice pictures from John Chow’s new house, it’s lookin’ very lovely from there, wish I was in Canada right now.

See video below of flash mobs hitting the Canadian 2010 Winter Olympics!


After the riot in the streets of downtown Vancouver yesterday, it was nice to see a new type of mob hit the Olympics. Vancouver Improv Anywhere got 1,500 people together to perform an epic rendition of Dancing In The Street. Now this is more of what the Olympic Games are all about. Imagine walking along Granville and then suddenly 1,500 people all around you just starting dancing! Well, it happened today and I’m sure this won’t the last flash mob
we’ll be seeing during the games.

Seriously though John, upload some more pics and videos, enjoying it very much.

via johnchow

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