Eco DIY – How to Make Flower Furniture! #EcoDesign

What happens when you grow flowers on ordinary furniture?  Take a look at some of the work designer Asif Kahn has created with his flower furniture, brilliant!

If you have old furniture laying around, this might be a great idea to turn them into garden art.

See below picture of how Asif has used strong indoor lights to grow the flowers.

designer Asif Khan has taken the subdued aesthetic of Gypsophila (better known as Baby’s Breath) and let it bloom into something splendid to sit on. Kahn began working with the flora when he was challenged by the Design Museum in London to create something special with London’s local plant life as a base material. What resulted was “Harvest,” a breathtaking series of furniture in which the sturdy is fused with the delicate, and the bland becomes something spectacular.

via inhabitat

(Above, flowers grown using indoor lights.)

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