BlackBerry Stops a Bullet!

Woman in Fresno, California (where one of my friends live) Ohio, was shot by accident by her boyfriend on the leg.  Luckily, the bullet hit her Blackberry and saved her life (leg).  We know now for sure smartphones/iPods can save lives from gun shots.  (Also see when iPod stops bullet couple years back here.)

You know what, if you carry two smartphones, you can increase your safety margin.  I carry a Nexus One and a Palm Pre just for this very reason… (really no… j/k)

via engadget, abcnews

2 Responses to BlackBerry Stops a Bullet!

  1. computer_freak_8 says:

    Just something I noticed, the post says California but the video says Ohio.

  2. max says:

    Oh you know what, I didn’t know there was a Fresno, Ohio, great catch!

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