Apple Hack – How to Hack Apple Earbud Remote!

Apple has been doing so much to keep their competition at the bay including making their Apple earbud remotes to be undecipherable.  Well, there’s a hack for that, check out this great article that shows you how to reverse engineer the Shuffle remote control. #AppleFAIL

In March 11th, 2009, Apple introduced the third generation iPod shuffle. Shortly thereafter, criticism[1] was raised regarding the presence of a proprietary chip inside the shuffle headphones, said by some to be an authentication, or DRM measure. The “DRM” argument was unsupported by the facts, given that the shuffle would simply start playing with a non-remote headphone connected, albeit with no remote functionality. The “authentication” argument was dismissed shortly thereafter by reports that the chip was simply a “Dual Mode Modulator.

When will apple stop being greedy and go open source?

via hackaday

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