IllumiCharger Uses Solar Cells to Recycle your Indoor Gadgets via USB!

Here’s an interesting eco-gadget that could proved to be pivotal in recycling all of indoor lights.   The IllumiCharger uses solar cells to recycle you indoor lights and feeding your gadgets via USB ports.

The Illumi-Charger achieves this unprecedented feat by recycling light energy that permeates in any indoor space that has luminescence provided by fluorescent, compact fluorescent, or incandescent lighting. As solar calculators (available in every Walmart or drug store) utilized the light energy inside our school classrooms to power themselves, so too does the Illumi-Charger utilize this valuable and abundant energy source. The Illumi-Charger provides the most enhanced ‘recyclability’ possible in a gadget, as it provides reusable electricity from light energy dismissed from all traditional lighting sources around the globe.

It’s one of those gadgets that make me think, “why didn’t I think of that”?

You know most of calculators sold now these days rely on solar cells and why don’t we incorporate that into every other consumer gadget out there?

Of course, indoor lights are not going to be as powerful as California sun but heck if everyone in the world used IllumiCharger, we’d save enough electricity to power one small country or more.

The IllumiCharger should be available on their website for direct order soon so keep checkin’!

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