ShowClix App – Nexus One/Android Ticket Scanner!


I’ve noticed at CES 2010 this year that they were using blackberries to scan our tickets.  Well, I think Blackberries are still okay devices but with my recent purchase of Nexus One, I am very moved that Android will start taking a large portion of the smartphone market soon.

Anyways, here’s a ShowClix app that can be used on any Android-based device (it doesn’t have to be a smartphone) to scan tickets using on-board camera.  I think Android OS is up to something big because it’s open-source and programs can be ported to various different devices.

For example, couple years down the road when current Android smartphones become useless, they could still be useful for things like scanning tickets.  What a great way to recycle technology!

This one app proves how much “farther” open-source and Android OS can go for businesses versus proprietary iPhones that are limited by Apple’s control of what they want on their phones.    Limited mindset of Steve Jobs is actually killing Apple, too greedy for money. #AppleFail. #GoAndroid 🙂

If you are looking to open up a new venue and you need an easy to use ticketing system, check out ShowClix Axess. The full-service ticketing solution allows promoters to use Android phones to scan tickets and check-in users to events. Customers can bring in their printed tickets or use their smartphone to check-in with QR codes.

via androidandme

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