Nexus One Versus. iPhone 3GS!

I’ve been using Nexus One for about a month almost now and I have to say, I enjoy using it all the time over my Palm Pre because there’s so many apps on Android(my favorites the WordPress app, Seesmic for Twitter, and Advanced Task Killer).

The only thing that sucks about my Nexus One would be that 3G connection on T-mobile ain’t as reliable as my Pre’s Sprint.

I think GSM carriers in general suck indoors, believe this is due to the type of connection.  I have always found my Sprint devices fare far better in terms of consistency.

But since I carry 2 smartphones capable of pinch and zoom browsing, the Nexus One and Palm Pre, I am always connected whereever I go.  That’s simply the truth you will face.  Even if you own iPhone and use AT&T, you will have problems if you are only on one network.

The solution?  Get two smartphones like me and you have power of GSM and CDMA.  Plus, your battery will last practically forever since you have two phones.

For gadgeteer like me who need to constantly be checking Twitter and Google services, it’s simply smart to carry two phones.  I will do a post on why you need two phones later but let me tell you about my Nexus One.

Probably the best part of Nexus One is that it has FREE, flawless Google Navigation.  I have used it countless times to re-route myself to my destination when I get lost, something that you’d have to pay a lot for on the iPhone 3Gs.

Plus, Nexus One is really zippy/fast, you can open like 20 applications no problem and multi-task, something I need.

What do I see happening over the next year or so?

Apple will eventually start losing the battle because Android has built such a great open-source platform.  Remember Android wasn’t built over night, Nexus One was introduced after being tested on various different smartphones like T1.

Also, giant smartphone makers like Samsung and LG has ALL turned to Android for all of their current/future smartphones.

Let the battle begin but my vote goes to Nexus One because it stands for freedom of people.

And Nexus One also won the battle against iPhone 3Gs here at CNet, WHOO HOO! (video via mrgadget)


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