Twitter DIY – How to Set Up Your Twitter Social Media Marketing!

Recently, I have been twittering a LOT (spending like 10 hours a day), and learned couple tricks that can help you set up your Twitter social media marketing.

I am no social media “guru” like some people on Twitter represent themselves but I think I know whole lot more than most of these social media experts as “social media” used to be once called “social networks”.

I remember when people started using the term “social media” when Twitter came to the masses about a year ago, kinda offended that anyone could become a “social media expert” when there were many “social network experts” who’s been doing it for years.

Anyways, never mind those social media experts, let’s see how you can setup your Twitter social media marketing effectively.

This guide if for total Twitter newbies but if you are already a “guru” please just re-tweet for other newbies out there.

First off, you will want to set up your Twitter account. Yes, sign up for one.

Second, you will want to follow conversations that interest you. To do that, you will want to “find” the people that interest you.  I just launched, a site that helps you find existing Twitter Lists recommended by other people.  You can head over there and hopefully find a category that interests you.  Follow all of them or just follow ones that interest you.

Plus, most websites now have Twitter links to their Twitter feeds, you can start adding all of your favorite blogs/websites that way too.

Once you have followed people and you are “listening” to conversations that interest you, simply engage in the conversations by meeting new people, RT-ing interesting articles, and using Twitter as your 3rd communication medium like e-mail.

After using Twitter for about a year, I feel that it’s most useful stay updated on the most current news around the world.  For example, if there’s an earthquake in Haiti, I will first hear about it on Twitter, then blogs, then on TV.

Plus, Twitter is great for meeting new people.  I have talked to many famous people I would have not a got a chance to in real life such as @GuyKawasaki (Author of How to Drive Your Competition Crazy), @PGA_JohnDaly (One of my long-time golf idols), @EtSeng (Head of Nexus One), and many more.

Every book I read now, I can tweet the authors and actually get a tweet back.  I just found that really cool.

Likewise, having a “personal” presence on Twitter can help your blog’s online presence.

Now, how do we “measure” our performance?  For example, you might want to measure how well you are doing on Twitter otherwise there’s no telling where your efforts are going.

For measuring clicks received on your tweets, there’s a bunch of free URL shortening sites with stats.  The best one to use if, there’s more chance people will click if you use has a great stats dashboard and it’s free so go sign up for an account.

Every time you are going to tweet out a link, make sure use your account to shorten and to get the best results.

Now, there’s also free tools out there to help you schedule your tweets such as HootSuite.  I use this service to tweet every hour.  Of course, for best results, you need to actually engage and communicate with others, don’t just schedule all your tweets.  No one likes receiving automated tweets but you can use automated tweets for your new blog posts or regularly updated news.

HootSuite also has URL shortening service of its own but I think works better because it has no iframes.

Anyways, by using stats, you will know how effective your message gets across Twitterverse by measuring number of clicks.

Below is a sample of my dashboard that shows you how many clicks I am receiving on the URLs I shortened myself:

There’s many other sophisticated ways to measure your results but I won’t get into that here, you could do well by starting with stats.

If you can measure your success, you can keep applying your efforts for more results.

I see a lot of bloggers out there still not effective using Twitter for the extra online exposure and online camaraderie.  Seriously, you should because you don’t want  to feel left out when Twitter replaces e-mail in year 2015.

How does the traffic compared to other social networking traffic such as Digg, StumbleUpon, etc…etc…?

I think it does actually better because a lot of Twitter users are people that wouldn’t normally use services like Digg or StumbleUpon.  You get a lot of new audience that you wouldn’t get otherwise through other social media networks.

Plus, people are more engaged, meaning they are more connected to you rather than simply another “reader” of your site.

As far as web traffic, Twitter is a lot harder to build up on because it’s more about engaging in conversations with others, not just voting on the best topics.  In the long run though, you will get to meet more interesting people and even people who can help you promote your online business simply by being your friend.

Think of it this way, you don’t go to a party to talk about your company, you go to parties to meet new people or party with your friends. Same thing on Twitter, don’t just go tweet about your stuff, actually go meet some new people on a daily basis.  Have fun, and once you meet new people who become your friends, they will be more than willing to help you with anything you need help with, just like in real life.

Simply put it, go meet new people, make friends, and have fun.  The rest will take care of itself if you have a ton of Twitter friends.  But don’t be another dull, automated Tweeple out there, no one needs more of that.

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