Five Free Valentine’s Day Novels for the Kindle!

(This is a guest post submitted by Eric from the Kindle Owners Blog.)

Five Free Valentine’s Day Novels for the Kindle

Whether you’re looking for that little something extra for your significant other or you’re interested in getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day, this list of five free Valentine’s Day novels for the Kindle should help you along. These are all mainstream novels and are easy to find and download. Some books have restrictions, like being free on a given day of the week. Be sure to check the details before downloading.

Irresistible Forces, written by Brenda Jackson, is a story of passion that brings two people together without the slightest inclination of mixing up complicated emotions in the boundaries of sex. Dominic is simply looking forward to a week long no strings excursion in the Caribbean while the willing and excitable Taylor is just looking for a short cut to a baby. Is a week of hard flying sexual passion going to be enough?

Slow Hands, written by Leslie Kelly, is a story that is built from winning her sexy and intelligent prize at a bachelor auction for charity. This sets the stage for “uncivilized sex” for Maddy. Yet, with secrets flying, one has to wonder if there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Snowbound, written by Janice Kay, is an adventure wrapped up into a romance tale. A class trip turns into a quest for survival and the surprise romantic meeting of our two main characters.

Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch, written by BJ Daniels, is a story of former lovers being brought back together over the puzzle of a mysterious crime. Each character goes through a serious learning curve while the steamy sex lights up the night.

Stranded with a Spy, written by Merline Lovelace, stays true to its title. On vacation in France with nothing but disasters from one moment to the next, Mallory meets her knight in shining armor. It’s too bad he was sent to spy on her while she was vacationing.

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  1. Missy says:

    Awesome! Thanxs for the heads up on these free Kindle novels.

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