DIY Google Street View Snowmobile!

It’s probably true, Google’s Masterplan to take over the world has just started with Google launching various different products in the last 6 months including the Google Nexus One, Google Buzz, and now… the Google Street View Snowmobile.

I am sure many of you have spotted the Google Street View van but if you spot these Street View Snowmobiles, make sure to take a picture and send them my way so I can blog about it.

Yes, you are indeed looking at a snowmobile equipped with our full Street View camera system. In typical scrappy Google fashion, we were able to put this together over the course of a few weekends using extra pieces for our Street View cars, some 2x4s, some duct tape, and a lot of extra hard drives (keeping them running properly in the freezing conditions was one of our major concerns). We got in touch with the folks at Whistler Blackcomb Mountains and Whistler Resort Municipality to discuss our slightly crazy idea, and fortunately they were just as enthusiastic.

via wired


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