Tree House DIY – How to Build a Simple Tree House!

Want to build a simple tree house for your kids?  Here’s a great idea for making your life easier and also not hurting your tree, make a strap-on tree house that can literally be “strapped” to your tree.

I think this would work for small kids and for low-hanging tree houses.  Not sure if I want to use straps on high-hanging tree houses.

dutch designers rogier martens and sam van veluw have sent in images of their latest work the ‘build it yourself treehouse’. the design is made of water resistant panels, straps and lashings, which can be fixed to a tree. its ready to use format is handy and accessible for everyone.

via designboom, inhabitots

3 Responses to Tree House DIY – How to Build a Simple Tree House!

  1. This is really simple & clever, for sure. I have two concerns:

    1. The straps will constrict or girdle the tree
    2. When kids are moving around, the tree house will move, slightly, which will loosen & rub away bark, and eventually work the straps loose.

    I would suggest using larger straps to spread the load, and a thicker cusion at the lower strap where the rubbing would occur. Even still, I bet that this thing should be removed and reset on the tree in a different spot at least every 1-2 years to ensure that the tree is not girdled or does not attempt to grow around the structure.

  2. max says:

    Thanks for the advice!

  3. Joseph says:

    For added safety, why not add some pillar on the bottom?

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