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I have a new product, Laptop Reins, which is presently patent pending. It’s a harness that is worn over a user’s shoulders and positions a laptop / notebook style computer in front of the user. My product is unique because it is made entirely of polypropylene webbing, and does not block any cable ports or use of CD drives, and does not impede ventilation by blocking fans. I’m sure you’re well aware of the heat produced by laptops. Not only is it uncomfortable for the user it can be dangerous. There have been reports of laptops catching fire, and medical reports claiming that heat from laptops may cause problems with the male reproduction capabilities. My product solves these problems by taking the computer off the user’s lap. Since Laptop Reins doesn’t block ventilation fans as some present products on the market today do, heat buildup is minimized. “Laptop Reins” can be used sitting, standing, or walking. “Laptop Reins” is also fully adjustable and portable. It will fold up to a small bundle and fit into most laptop cases. I’m looking forward to speaking with you so that I can more fully explain the benefits of “Laptop Reins”.
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James Baranoski

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