Is Apple Evil? – USB Banned from App Use!

Recently, an iPhone app Stanza was threatened by Apple to remove its USB connectivity feature to load books onto the iPhone.  We think that this will create a rather big mouth-crunching bite into Apple’s mobile book sales.  **sarcastic**

These are the times when I just don’t feel like buying any Apple products and this is why I still haven’t bought an Apple product since my last purchase of an iPod Touch 2 years back.

Of course, Apple needs to keep making money but let’s not forget the 90s when Apple’s proprietary software development caused their Mac sales to come to a screeching halt.  If Apple keeps up this bad rep, I think we are going to be headed the same direction in about 2015.  Mark my words!  and long live Open-Source/Nexus One!

The Stanza app is a program for the iPhone which is an eBook reader. It is slick software, easy to use, and allows you to load books via USB cable. Well, it did.

The latest update from iTunes for the Stanza app indicates the USB connectivity feature will be removed from the application. So if you want it, don’t update it.

The Washington Post called the maker, Lexcycle, and asked about the details and their spokes person said, “[Lexcycle is] forbidden from discussing the specifics of the conversations with Apple on this matter.”

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2 Responses to Is Apple Evil? – USB Banned from App Use!

  1. ellisgl says:

    I remember back in the late 80’s / very early 90’s reading something about Apple going to open their hardware, then at the last moment, pulled the rug. That was when I decided that I would never purchase anything from Apple.

  2. max says:

    Yeah, old habits come back to haunt Apple, #IHOPE.

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