TwitList Launched! – User Recommended Twitter Lists!

Well, finally I launched a new website.  This one is called TwitList, actually the domain is to be exact. is a site for Twitter users who want to recommend their Twitter Lists to others.  For example, I have a good blogger list, I can recommend it to

What does it do?

Basically, it’s a Twitter list recommendation engine.  Whoever’s list gets most recommended, will show up higher under the category.  There’s currently about 50 categories made but it’s going to get crazier as more people recommend new Twitter Lists into new categories (or tags).

I’ve put in all kinds of crazy hours into this project, hence I haven’t had much time to blog nor eat.  I am actually on the brink of going crazy actually because my mind is filled with a lot of PHP and Javascript code.  Does that ever happen to you?

I haven’t really made a site like this since last year when I launched  Honestly, the reason I haven’t been promoting StumbleTweets as much is because I didn’t build it right.  What I mean is that I didn’t set up the MySQL database structure right so when it got filled up with a lot of data, the site just slowed down.  I didn’t want to keep promoting something that wasn’t going to work in the end.  Eventually I will re-haul that site too but I like pushing new projects, that’s just my personality.

Anyways, is my new baby.  If you are a Twitter addict, you should recommend couple Twitter lists for me as we are just getting started and we need more lists!

My future plan is to turn into a Twitter List search engine.  Well, I need more recommendations first.

I haven’t really been stressed out this much in a long time and I haven’t really coded in about a year either.  My head is just spinning everyday and today I just kinda broke down so.   I am gonna take some rest before I work on the site again but you can use it because it’s working now.  I think seriously I need to get back to blogging, it’s more relaxing.  Why am I pushing myself so hard when I could be playing golf?  Only God knows why. 🙂


Oh yeah, if it wasn’t for Josh I wouldn’t have polished the idea for this project, huge thanks to Josh!

P.S. One more thang, I don’t know why but people don’t leave too many recommendations.  Perhaps our form is too complicated.  If you can figure it out, please leave in the comments line, I’d highly appreciated!

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