Tesla Coil Hack – How to Make Tesla Coil with Bank of Capactors!


Here’s a rather fascinating hack that involves using large capacitors in series to power the tesla coil.  The result?  Indeed rather amazing, watch video below to enjoy sparks!

I need a 3 Turn coil (110mm) with resonant freq fo=235,6kHz, calculations tell me I need a 240nf capacitor bank. Usually a capacitor bank consist of a series/parallel circuit combination and requires extra wire length and space. This will change the inductance of the circuit and thus change its resonance frequency. By making the capacitors part of the coil itself, this whole problem doesn’t even apply. The only parasitic inductance left is the connection between the coil and the IGBT bridge.

To get 240nf I take 9 MKP capacitors of 2.2uF in series, this comes to a total of 244.4 nF which is close enough for my tests.

via hackedgadgets



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