Why iPad isn’t Going to Work!

If only iPad did this… I would buy one. Too bad there’s no multi-tasking, I mean, my Palm Pre has multi-tasking, my Nexus One has multi-tasking…  Tsk…tsk…tsk…

It’s hard to believe that with a processor so fast on the iPad, the Apple engineers forgot to include multi-tasking. Multi-tasking btw, is how modern processors work. Even if iPad doesn’t multi-task, its CPU I bet, does. Every modern CPU supports parallel CPU architecture, I learned that 10 years ago in computer engineering class.

As a computer engineer, that’s unforgivable, especially for a 9-inch tablet iPad. Well, I will keep whining until Apple can start listening.

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2 Responses to Why iPad isn’t Going to Work!

  1. max says:

    I am waiting until iPad Max comes out, that should support multi-tasking and Flash…. or is it Max iPad?

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