LED DIY – How to Make Aquarium LED Lamp!


Thinking of buying new lamp for your fish tank?  Well, take a look at this custom Aquarium LED setup with a bunch of high output LEDs, ability to control its dimness, temperature watch, and more.  I think this LED project could be easily extended further as a whole aquarium controller including ability to control the tank’s heat, feed the fish, and more.  Well, I might be getting ahead of myself but why not?

The tank is a Fluval Osaka 320 and measures 48″(L)x18″(W)x24″(H) and is currently running 4 x 54w T5’s. The rock is arranged in 2 “islands” so the plan is to have one array above each island and Im hoping this will give a nice unique lighting effect as well as reducing the cost a little as I will be using less LEDs than if I were to cover the entire tank. each array will have 12 CREE XR-E R2s and 12 CREE XR-E Royal Blues giving a total of 48 LEDs. These will be fitted with 60 degree optics.

The LEDs will be cotrolled by an arduino which will allow automatic dawn/dusk as well as monitoring of the heatsink/led temperature. The Arduino will also control a small LCD screen allowing me to veiw usefull info such as temp and the current intensity of each colour of LED and there will be a joystick allowing me to set the time etc. Luckily, someone I work with has kindly done most of the work for this and its almost ready to go.

via hackaday, source

The Aquarium LED Lights in moonlight setting:

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