Industrial Nexcopy CF (Compact Flash) Duplicators Review!

Nexcopy, the company who introduced USB duplicators, has just intro-ed their newest product line, CF (Compact Flash) duplicators.

Why would you need this?

For example, my Canon EOS 7D uses 16GB compact flash cards.  Trust me, it’s not easy to copy multiple CF cards at once, it will take me months if I tried to do it manually.   For that, there’s the new NexCopy CF Duplicators, allowing you to copy up to 45 CF cards at once.

If you are in photography industry and you have a need for transferring a LOT of data, the CF duplication might be just what you need.

(Thanks Greg for the hat tip!)

The CF duplicator is designed for companies with embedded applications which run off Compact Flash Cards. Our CF duplicator makes the data loading process quick and easy. For example, did you know that many slot machines which run the graphics and monthly specials run off a compact flash card inside the slot machine? These are swapped out every month to keep the marketing up-to-date. Our system helps in that process. It makes data loading especially quick when you have 4000 slot machines to update each month!

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  1. cm photography says:

    I guess because I’m not a full time photographer I probably don’t need this yet. But in the future I can see how having one of these devices would save time

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