Apple iPad – 2010 Crapware of the Year Award!


Among many things that should be supported on the new Apple iPad, there’s some important key features missing such as lack of Flash support and Multi-tasking.

Are you kidding me?  Why would I want to buy a touchscreen netbook that can’t browse YouTube or even switch between reading my e-mail, browsing web and other programs?

I hope Apple does some serious thinking in re-designing their iPad, perhaps start with a name change first.  iPad?  Is that some kind of sick joke?  No thanks, I don’t want to carry an iPad around.

Don’t worry, we are giving the Apple iPad “2010 Crapware of the Year Award”, we think this is the worst it’s going to get.

Okay, one thing I like, just one thing, that you can get unlimited data plan for $30.  Now, that plan coming from AT&T I don’t like.  Arr…..

Seriously though, if you want to check out the iPad’s features/vulnerabilities, go here to Engadget.  I refuse to post any images of this crapware in the meanwhile except this:

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