X10 Hack – How to Add Face Detection to your X10 Systems!

X10 is probably one of the easiest ways to connect devices and automate your home by making use of the power lines.  (Btw, there’s a new communication medium that will also be running off power lines, I saw at CES but forget what company was doin’ it.  They had powerline LAN that did like 500Mbps!)

If you ever wanted to beef up your X10 camera security system, this face detection hack could certainly prove to be useful if you have a wide area to cover but limited number of cameras. (or just one)

When the face is detected, a profile of the colors within the area of its position is recorded. As the face moves about, the color tracking system attempts to locate the area in the camera frame where that color profile can be found, sometimes with the help of movement heuristics. For example, it is unlikely that a face will leap across the video frame from the camera in a discontinuous manner.

via hackedgadgets

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