Nixie Hack – How to Make a Digital Frame Nixie Clock!

Here’s a rather interesting idea of creating your own Nixie Clock that uses Nixie images to make it look like a real Nixie clock.  It’s not real Nixie Clock I’d say but still, this is helluva easier hack than actually making a real Nixie Clock yourself.

Instead of popping in every image of the time, the creator of the DIY Nixie Clock uses smart programming to display the numbers.  Nicely done.

I knew I wanted to do more than just pop some pics on a memory card and hack the frame to advance every minute, so I got to thinking and settled on the idea of upholstering the frame in leather, accenting it in brass, and having a vaguely steampunky piece. I found a decent digital frame that had a nice, wide (and, importantly, solid wood) accent frame at my local Radio Shack, went shopping at my fabric store for some split leather, and hit several art and hardware stores to get some brass fittings. After that, I was ready to get started.

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