Sports DIY – How to Build Wind-Surfing Kite Canoes/Sleds!

I see a ton of wind-surfing activity by Ocean Beach which is only 5 minutes away from my apartment. (actually I can see the beach from here).  I’ve always been fascinated at wind-surfers, kite-triking, and even hang gliding.  One time I was driving and literally watched this parachuter landing on a tree by the highway.   I think he lost control but good thing he hit the trees, not cars.

Anyways, Eric Wilhem, the founder of Instructables, and his friends have been hitting up some ice I guess.  He wrote an instructable that details how to make one of these kite canoes/sleds.   Arrr, I don’t really know what to call it, it’s somewhat a combo between a sled and a kite-trike, well I would really want to try it one day but California never gets so cold.   I will wait until I setup a mobile office over in New York some day.

Once it’s too cold to kitesurf in the water, it’s time to find a frozen lake and kite on top of the water. Build a “traditional” Polynesian ice canoe using aluminum extrusion or whatever material you have at hand. If the water ever froze in Polynesia, I’m sure this is what their ice kite/sail craft would look like.

via instructables

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