iPhone 4G Rumors!


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It seems that there’s a ton of rumors online about the new iPhone 4G.  People are speculating there will be OLED display, dual-core processor and all kinds of other goodies but I think the iPhone 4G will have the same Snapdragon processor that was used recently with Google’s launch of Nexus One. I believe there’s actually not a faster processor available, the 1.3Ghz ARM Snapdragon CPU is supposed to be available at the end of this year so. Plus the dual-core 1.5Ghz ARM Snapdragon CPU is also available at the end of this year too.

Well, these are just my speculations but feel free to fill your Apple fanboy mind with iPhone 4G rumors:
(As for me, I will enjoy being a winner with my 1Ghz Nexus One phone, boycotting the iPhone until it’s available on other carriers, my biggest complaint, mind you, going on for 2+ years now.)

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