CoolPreviews 3.0 Brings In-page Previews! [Firefox Plugin]

CoolIris, a Firefox plugin that lets you view media faster while browsing with Firefox, has just released CoolPreviews 3.0, which allows you to “preview” sites before clicking through them.  I just installed it, it works pretty well, we will see how well it works for the next few weeks. (Download the CoolPreview 3.0 Firefox plug-in here)

Say, you want to search the Web to see everything about Avatar, the new James Cameron movie. You query “avatar” in Google web search as usual. You then use CoolPreviews to browse the official Avatar movie site, without even leaving your Google results page. To see what Wikipedia says about Avatar, you just mouseover that link, too.

But what if you want to see a lot more related images and videos of Avatar? No problem. Simply click the “Cooliris” button in the built-in search bar of CoolPreviews. Literally thousands of multimedia results will then display on the infinite Cooliris Wall within the CoolPreviews frame. (Press F8 on PC or Alt+Esc on Mac to hide the Cooliris chrome for a bigger picture.)

via cooliris blog

(Thanks Jenny for the tip!)

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