Garden DIY – How to Make a Fruit Picker!

For those of you who have hard times trying to get that fruit in high places, there’s a better way to pick fruit, build one of these fruit pickers.  The one listed here is specifically designed for picking Papaya, fruit that mostly grows in hot areas such as Thailand or South America, but I am sure you can hack it further for any other fruit such as coconut, pineapples, and etc…etc…

Papays are big fruit; heavy, and often high up.

After getting the picker fingers around the fruit, you pull the string to close the flexible “fingers”.  Twist the fruit to break the stem, and lower the fruit to the ground.

via instructables

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  1. In my childhood I could climb so high on a tree to pluck a fruit but now I can’t take the risk, this DIY tool to reach a fruit would be quite handy, thanks.

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