Circuit DIY – How to Make a Volt-Meter Clock!


For those of you who are thinking of ways to make a new clock for your home, try learning how to make one of these fabulous volt-meter clocks. Not only will you add some smarts to your home, wow your friends by showing your true intelligence, “see, I made this myself!”

The clock is patterned after an analog voltmeter.  The meter pointer indicates the time on a meter scale marked in hours, with quarter divisions indicated.  The pointer, driven by a servo motor, starts at 12 o’clock on the left, ending at 12 o’clock on the right.  The meter pointer travels slowly to the right, indicating the current time.  At 12 o’clock, the pointer rapidly transverses from right to left, restarting the process.

via hackaday, hackedgadgets


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