Portable USB Turntable Audio Converter!

Do you need a USB Turntable that will convert your old vinyls into digital MP3s?  Look no further as this Turntable Audio Converter from ThinkGeek will do the job and also is portable.  This is actually cheaper and better than most other similar products we have seen in the past so get one! 🙂

What’s more however is the integrated USB port, which allows you to plug the turntable directly into your laptop and convert your oldfangled vinyl into newfangled digital audio files perfect for burning on CD or transferring to your iPod or iPhone

Price: $69.99 at ThinkGeek


One Response to Portable USB Turntable Audio Converter!

  1. M L Sah says:

    Please tell me how to get the Turntable Audia Converter from Thinkgeek in India

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