Nexus One Favored Over iPhone 3Gs, I am not Surprised!

In a recent poll done by mashable, Nexus One was favored over the iPhone 3Gs by over 3,000 votes out of about 10,000 votes.  That says a lot, I think Google Nexus One will be certainly hard to beat, especially since it has beaten iPhone in terms of general hardware.  Whoo Hoo, Go Google! (Also read my Nexus One hands-on review)

Also note, everyone I talked to who has an iPhone, wants a Nexus One now, most of them are just waiting until their contract is over with AT&T.  (Or some are waiting until it’s available on Verizon in couple months.)

After more than 10,000 votes, the Nexus One has thoroughly annihilated the iPhone 3GS. The Nexus One captured a full 66% of the poll (6743 votes), while the iPhone 3GS was only able to muster 28% support (2818 votes). 592 of you declared it a tie.

via mashable

2 Responses to Nexus One Favored Over iPhone 3Gs, I am not Surprised!

  1. Unxpekted says:

    Jailbroken 3GS > the can’t be jailbroken Nexus

    Stock 4G > Nexus

    Mac > Windows


  2. max says:

    Actually Nexus One is jailbroke by default, Android OS is a linux-based system, it’s a lot easier to hack than 3Gs, get your facts straight bud.

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