HydroFill – Water-to-Hydrogen Converter! [CES Withdrawls]

Here’s something I missed at CES 2010 but gladly this could be the invention of the decade, a water-to-hydrogen converter. Not only does it convert water to hydrogen, it stores the hydrogen efficiently in solid matter. This means that we could possibly forego gas stations in the future, perhaps just dump some water into your hydrogen-powered car. Exciting!

Named HYDROFILL(TM) unveiled at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The small desktop
device simply plugs into the AC, a solar panel or a small wind turbine, automatically extracts hydrogen from its water tank and stores it in a solid form in small refillable cartridges. The cartridges contain metallic alloys that absorb hydrogen into their crystalline structure, and release it back at low pressures, removing concerns about storing hydrogen at high pressure. This storage method also creates the highest volumetric energy density of any form of hydrogen storage, even higher than liquid hydrogen. Unlike conventional batteries, these cartridges carry more energy capacity, are cheaper, and do not contain any environmentally-harmful heavy metals.

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[Source: HorizonFuelCell.com]

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