Skateboard DIY – How to Make Your Own Skateboard From Scratch!

As an avid skateboarder, I can’t not pass up great blog posts like this one where the author shows you how to make your own skateboard from scratch, freakin’ awesome dude!

This tutorial shows how to design templates and use hand tools to shape a foam mold for building a skateboard deck in the Roarockit Thin Air Press.

I developed the one-sided foam mold in 2001 as part of the original Roarockit skateboard deck making kits. I needed to find a lightweight mold for shipping, and through experimenting, found styrofoam to be an effective mold material in a number of ways. Affordable, easy to shape, and didn’t crush while being pressed in our Thin Air Press vacuum bags. Early in 2003 I shared this idea in postings on and NCDSA and now deck builders world-wide use the foam mold process for building their custom decks!

via thinairpress

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