Projector DIY – How to Make a Mini LED Projector!

With the invent of new projectors (which I will have some really cool videos I took from CES 2010 soon), people are realizing more and more that they can make their own projectors too.  This DIY involves making a “mini” LED projector, the results are pretty darn good so this could be a great guide for you to get started on your DIY projector.

Now you can find everywhere led projectors, some of them are really good, but also so expensive. You can buy a led projector here in Uk for about 100 pounds, but there are not to good, they need to be in a dark room and the size of the screen they project is about 21″ witch is not really impressive.

So I thought i could try to make something similar, and if possible a bit better, and obviously a lot cheaper.

Here is the result, using 80 led of 13000mcd. I’m still not to happy about the result, because the light is not even, thats is because the angle of the LEDs do not allow them to be so close to the screen, so i decide to buy one of the new high power led and use it with a condenser lens.

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