Nexus One Hands-on Review, Videos and Photos!

Here’s a quick overview of the Nexus One‘s basic functionalities:


Here’s a video of GoogleMaps Lattitude, where you can see your friends/family on GoogleMaps in real-time.


Nexus One comes with a mobile Photoshop app for photo editing:


I recently started using Google’s Picasa online photo services so I can store all of my photos online.  Well, great news for Picasa users, your online Picasa photos are automatically included in Nexus One’s gallery view.  How cool is that?  I just found out.  This is another feature that can’t be beat on non-Android smartphone.


For the last few days, I have been tinkering with basic functions of my Nexus One, really haven’t installed too many apps than couple, free Blackjack games but I have an honest, and fair review for you to look at.

Frankly, the Nexus One is a really “fast” phone couple with a 1Ghz processor, that’s probably the fastest I’ve seen so far. Compared to Motorola Droid’s 550Mhz processor, iPhone 3Gs & Palm Pre’s 600Mhz, the 1Ghz CPU on the Nexus One certainly makes a “vast” difference when it comes to having multiple apps open and also being able to multi-task.

The Nexus One probably is fastest phone you can get right now apart from everything else, that’s one feature I like.

Other than that, the supplied Android 2.1 operating system is great for using all your Google-integrated apps and more.

One feature I like is the “voice” feature that let’s you practically use your voice for virtually everything. I can write an e-mail using my voice, tweet using my voice, search on GoogleMaps on voice, search on Google on voice, and the list goes on forever. It’s not too shabby either, Nexus One will understand most standard English except hard words like “zedomax”.

Plus the search function in itself is great too since word suggestions are relevant and fast, just like Google is. This helps me save a lot of time. You could probably implement this on a Blackberry or even iPhone but if the phone’s processor is not up to par, you are likely to get a lot of lag nevermind using it. Nexus One does this great because of its snappy 1Ghz snapdragon processor. It’s basically the exact same CPU that iPhone 3Gs has, except 30-40% faster. (I am sure Apple will upgrade its processor soon but until then, king of speed is Nexus One.)

Now with that said, let me also talk about somethings that Google needs to improve upon:

  • GPS seems quirky at times inside buildings.  It works flawlessly on the road but can take forever to get GPS signals inside my apartment, which btw is on 12th floor and gets perfect cellular signals.  I will have a video on this compared to my Palm Pre so Googlers can go after it.
  • Touchscreen near the edges are too sensitive while overall touchscreen can be a bit more sensitive.  I don’t know if my hands have gone used to the more sensitive Palm Pre’s touchscreen but I think it’s a software issue and it would be nice if the user can actually adjust sensitivity settings near the edges and the center of the phone.

See?  My Nexus One?

These are volume buttons on the left side.

Micro USB is used for charging and connecting to your computer, just like a Pre or new Blackberry.  Also note there’s 3 metal pongs for docking stations and one of the two microphones.  Let me add that the two microphones are great for “voice” features since they cancel out noise.

Keyboard is pretty flawless, Nexus one will automatically correct your words even if you hit the wrong button.  For example, I typed, “exanple” but Nexus One will turn it automatically into “example”.

Yey, my blog loads flawlessly on the Nexus One browser.

Of course, the back with 5 megapixel camera and the additional microphone.

The Google Android apps market is awesome, loaded with plenty of apps.   The best part about it is that you can “search” for your app.

GoogleMaps is freakin’ awesome on this Nexus One phone.  One thing I am having trouble is actually getting GPS signals when I don’t need to use it, inside my apartment.  Oh well, that’s not a biggie.  But I like the fact that I can store location on my GoogleMaps to my Google GMail contacts, meaning I can virtually save every location of my friends houses.

Once GPS starts working, navigation is pretty fun.  I’ve always used just GoogleMaps and it has worked fine for me but the navigation will definitely help even more when I am lost or traveling.

Yes, Google StreetView I like, works well what can I say?

The voice feature is probably the highlight of the Nexus One phone since I like to use my phone constantly while driving.  This helps me pay more attention to the road instead of trying to type while I drive.  This one feature could possibly be my lifesaver.  I know there’s similar apps like this on other smartphones such as Blackberry but none completely integrated into the phone like Nexus One.  I can even write an e-mail while I drive, how cool is that?  (without endangering other drivers on the road that is)

The voice feature works rather fast, you will see above screen after saying something for just 1 or 2 seconds and bam!  Nexus One understands what you actually say.

Camera is pretty nice too, works flawlessly.  Above is in camcorder mode btw.

This is the still-camera mode.

Man, there’s so many free apps for the Android, I downloaded a “bunch” of Blackjack game apps and honed my skillz.

If you guys want videos or photos of certain things about Nexus One, don’t forget to leave a comment! (You can also tweet this post RT PLZ, THANKS!)

Get your Nexus One HERE!

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