Microsoft Sued For Its new MS Office Products!

Microsoft sued for copyright infringement case against a Canadian company for their Office products, all Office products have now officially been stopped from sales in retail and online.  Well, I don’t use Office anyways, GoogleDocs is much better.  What I like most about GoogleDocs is the fact that it’s free and doesn’t clog up my new computer with crapware.  There, I said it, don’t use Office anymore unless you really have to.  But yes, Windows 7 is definitely something else, I like it.

On Monday, Microsoft yanked almost every version of Office from its online store in order to comply with a court order. In August the company lost a patent infringement lawsuit brought against it by Canadian software company i4i Inc and was ordered to stop selling the popular office suite until the custom XML that constituted a violation of i4i’s patent and pay them almost $300 million in damages

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