DIY Panorama Spherecam Captures 360 Degrees of Video!

flash panorama 1
Here’s a rather interesting camera technology, a DIY panorama spherecam that captures 360 degrees of video!  Watch the video here and you can actually click the arrow to see left, right, up, or down.  I think in year 2020, every point-and-shoot camera should be able to do this.  I hope so. FREAKIN’ AWE$OME!

Then, the two output footages are copied to an editing machine to run through a post-process operation. The process is comprised of several stages such as synchronizing the frames of the two footages by using the pre-captured identifier object, cropping two circular areas to form an equi-rectangular image after an appropriate coordinate transformation, adjusting the brightness and gamma values etc. to make the output image as seamless as possible. Actually, the post-process is carried out by using our proprietary software developed for this project.

The experimental results obtained through this movie capturing system, which we believe is the world’s most affordable video solution capable of shooting and virtually recreating all possible viewing directions of the environment, can be seen in the following sample videos.

via hackaday

panorama flash 2

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