Windows 7 Hack – How to Speed up Your Windows 7

Guys over at Windows 7 Forums just alerted me on their new article on how to speed up your Windows 7, read it to speed up your Windows 7!  Most of it are basics but then, basics are everything so…

Btw, you should really be using 64-bit Windows 7, I think it’s just better unless you are on a limited netbook.

What I learned from the article, SSDs can make your Win 7 run faster:

Using a Solid State Drive is going to provide a performance boost in almost all Windows 7 applications, especially when it comes to boot times. SSD’s have no moving parts and therefore are silent and more energy efficient, with the benefit of much faster access times.

The current generation of mechanical hard drives will be obsolete in the coming years, but for the time being SSDs are quite expensive. If you have the money and a high end system to improve upon, this would be an excellent choice.

via windows7forums

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