GenevaSound Speakers Review [CES Relapse]

At CES 2010, I only try to take photos/vids of things other bloggers/press would miss, GenevaSound speakers are one of those cool things, expensive speakers worth having in your modern bedroom.  Well, watch the video to see how it works as an iPod/iPhone dock, alarm clock, and more.


  • iPod+ iPhone Universal Dock compatible with all iPod® models
  • CD player – slot loading, with best class laser
  • FM radio with digital tuner; easy-programmable presets
  • Stereo-mini input for all auxiliary audio – e.g., satellite radio, MP3 player, Shuffle, turntable, TV, computer, wireless streamer, and more
  • Piano lacquer wood cabinet

GenevaSound Speakers come in red, white, or black, $799.99 at Amazon.

Also, you can check out some of their other models here.

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