NovelQuest Emperor Seat Hands-on Review at CES 2010!

At CES 2010 this year, I had the pleasure of sitting at one of the best computer workstation chairs in the world, the NovelQuest Emperor seats.  The one I sat on had recaro seats, with reclining controls for both the seat itself and the 3 monitors.  I think this is the ultimate workstation to get, I can’t really afford one right now but surely, I will be getting one in the future.

See video of my hands-on at the NovelQuest Emperor seat.


These Emperor seats aren’t going to be cheap of course, there’s even $40,000 Emperor seats (depending on how you like it or perhaps you spend money like water) but the best part, you can build and customize your own.  For example, you can add Bose stereo sound speakers, Recaro racing seats, and a bit more options depending on how you like it.  Of course, don’t forget that the base price starts at $4,950 with reclining seats/monitor holders.  If you got some modding skills, I don’t see why not you can’t get the base model and add your own customizations.

Supposedly these seats are for people who are on their computers 24/7 (like me), but I think these Emperor seats can also be great gaming chairs, WHY NOT?

One day, I will get a bunch of these so I can blog faster. (or at least look good doing so.)

See NovelQuest’s website here for more details.

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