Newnex USB 3.0 Repeater Cable Hands-on Review!

I had the pleasure of talking to the President of Newnex, Dr. Sam Liu at CES 2010 (Thank you btw for the interview.), who was demonstrating the world’s very first USB 3.0 repeater cable that can extend the standard maximum length of USB 3.0 of 3 meters to 12 meters. This little repeater cable and device consumes very little power yet can possibly let your USB 3.0 device work at a distance 4 times longer.  I am not sure if multiple repeaters can be used to go even further (although probably not), this still is a great solution to USB length problems where distance is the matter.  I can already think of countless situations where my USB cable was too short to connect my gadgets, I am sure this repeater will come in handy for many.

By the way, Newnex is headquarted in Silicon Valley, they have been on the forefront of repeater technology including CAT5 and optical fiber repeaters.
This USB 3.0 Repeater is so new that there’s no detailed information on Newnex’s site yet other than the press release but you can expect these to be on the market in couple months for purchase. (probably on Amazon)
Press Release:

Newnex Introduces World’s First USB3.0 Active Repeater at the 2010 CES

Las Vegas, NV – Jan. 5, 2010 Newnex Technology Corp. will showcase its innovative SuperSpeed USB Repeater, the FireNEX-uLINK™, in the USB TechZone of the 2010 CES in Las Vegas, starting from Jan. 7th until Jan. 10th. The Newnex FireNEXuLINK ™ USB3.0 repeater is capable of actively repeating the USB3.0 signal over 12 meters, which is 4 times longer than the practical 3-meter length limit for SuperSpeed USB. It is fully bus-powered without the need of external power sources. Its long distance connectivity, extra low power consumption, plug & play, and ease of use features greatly enhance the user experience for USB3.0 connections. Newnex will also demonstrate an extensive line of high performance USB3.0 cables and connectors that are designed and manufactured to comply with USB3.0 standards. In addition, attendees will have opportunities to test Newnex’s unique automated tools for USB3.0 custom cable designs at the show. Visit the Newnex booth and speak with the Newnex team at the LVCC, booth #30769, South Hall 3 Upper Level.

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