Google Nexus One Unboxing Video! [iPhone KILLER]


After getting a nice 12-hour sleep after a long journey back from Las Vegas from CES 2010, I quickly headed out to my local FedEx office at 90MPH, where my Google Nexus One phone was being held for almost a week!  I ordered my Nexus One phone the day before my flight to Vegas and too bad, it shipped the day I left.

But FedEx guys were nice enough to hold it for me until today so I got it!  This is the first “official” Google phone since Google is selling it themselves, not other carriers.

I also got to try Motorola Droid 2 weeks ago and I have to say they are very similar.  (But yes, Nexus One probably is a bit better ha!)

I’ve been playing with it for couple hours and if you use a lot of Google’s products such as GMail, GoogleMaps, and whatnot, this IS the phone to get as everything is seamlessly integrated.  Of course, any smartphone with the latest Android 2.1 will do also but I had to get this phone, it’s definitely an iPhone KILLER.  (Sorry iPhone fanboys.)

And yes, Nexus One is a LOT better than my Palm Pre with a better processor at 1Ghz.

I should have more vids and reviews, also launching a new site called soon so, keep em’ comin’!

WHOO HOO, this is one of the best days of my life.

2 Responses to Google Nexus One Unboxing Video! [iPhone KILLER]

  1. Unxpekted says:

    Windows = Google Nexus = ultimate fail

    iPhone 4g > Nexus Fail

  2. max says:

    iphone 3Gs/Palm Pre = 600Mhz Processor, Nexus One = 1Ghz Processor, iPhone 4g?

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