Virgin Airlines WiFi Speed Test!

As promised before my venture at CES 2010, I did do a bunch of speed tests on my flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas.  It was a rather short flight of one and a half hours but it was enough time for me to do a bunch of speed tests at different locations (I mean location of speed tests).

On average, I did get about 0.22 to 0.50Mbps download speed and upload stayed same around 0.23Mbps.

It was pretty zippy to do most of web browsing but you probably don’t want to upload anything over those networks.

I think in the future airline WiFi speeds should get faster and faster.  When I can afford it, I plan on traveling internationally only on WiFi-enabled airplanes.  (And of course, do more speed tests.)

Overall, I was satisfied with WiFi web browsing on Virgin Airlines, it stayed constant enough for me.

Anyways, I got one more day here in Vegas before I get back, I will do additional speed tests tomorrow so will update this post if any significant changes are found.  C Ya!  (Writing from McDonalds across Monte Carlo.)


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