ASUS Eee PC 1201T Hands-on Review!

I am a huge fan of ASUS laptops ever since I bought an Eee PC 1000HE netbook and also my latest ASUS UL30Vt-X1, which I am actually using it to blog this very blog post about another ASUS laptop, the ASUS Eee PC 1201T.

The Eee PC 1201T is probably the best “value” 12-inch netbook from ASUS.  There no word on the pricing of this new netbook but from the cheaper AMD CPU used (and I think the first AMD CPU on ASUS netbook btw), this 12-inch should be cheaper over its Intel brothers such as the 1201N.  I doubt the final pricing will be over $350 for this one.

Of course, I would rather get a 13.3″ laptop such as the UL30Vt or even wait for the upcoming UL30Jt, for 1.3 inches more you can get a helluva better processor, graphic card, and most importantly 12 hours of battery life instead of 6.

I am not sure if 12-inches qualify for a “netbook” but hey, the 1201T is portable and light.  Even for me, a 10-inch screen simply doesn’t cut it even if it’s super portable.  I rather sacrifice my back for 2 more inches of screen.

The ASUS 1201T comes with an AMD Congo MV40 1.6Ghz CPU with embedded AMD HD3200 graphics card, 1 or 2GB of DDR2 memory, 250GB hard drive, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, webcam, and a 6 hour 6-cell battery.

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