Motorola HS1000 Dect 6.0 Digital Cordless Phone with Android OS!

Digital cordless phone market is dying as we know it but Motorola is trying to save that market by introducing Android-based digital cordless phones that let you also browse the web while watching TV on your couch.

I think this is a good metamorphosis for the cordless phones, especially with the rise of VOIP phones and usage.  Without cool features like a web browser built into the phone itself, consumers are going to have tougher time justifying the buy of cordless phones.

According to Motorola’s rep Daniel (thanks btw!), these digital cordless phones are still in the works and if they are going into production, they should be available near this summer for around $150.

For that price, these might be worth it, especially if you were going to buy cordless phones anyways.

For one thing, these cordless phones will be a lot of fun to have around as they are Android-based and of course, can be hacked fully.

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  1. Chuchi78 says:

    I think there still is a market for cordless phones. The technology is about a year or so away from being at a reasonable price level, but I’d like to think that someone will eventually fill the gap of making a device that connects to my cellphone when I’m home and allows me to make/receive calls and SMS/MMS messages, sync with my phone’s email, allow me to browse the web, and function as a cordless handset for a landline and/or VoIP line. Once they can make these handsets and sell them below the $100 price range, and a base station no more than $150, the handset business would get its life back. It really is a pain in the ass having to take your phone with you all over the house to hear it ring or reply to a text message.

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