ASUS UL30Jt Hands-on Review CES 2010

UPDATE: March 16th 2009 – ASUS UL30Jt FCC approval/manual LEAKED, it should be coming reeeaaal soon!

UPDATE2: ASUS UL30Jt now available on Amazon for $849! (shipping on 8/15/10)

I had a great time visiting the ASUS booth today, here’s the first hands-on review of the ASUS UL30Jt, which has exact physical specs as the UL30Vt-X1, except faster CPU and more graphics memory, tallying at a whopping 1 gigabyte.

The full feature specs of this awesome 13.3-inch laptop include an Intel Core i7 – 640UM/620UM processor, Intel GS45 chipset, DDR3 1066Mhz memory expandable upto 4GB, 640GB hard drive. There’s no final word on what kind of battery the final production version will have but the demo model has a 5400mAh 8-cell battery.

The ASUS rep says it will be available in 4-8 weeks, it should be available on Amazon.

See Video Hands-on Review of ASUS UL30Jt here.

50 Responses to ASUS UL30Jt Hands-on Review CES 2010

  1. padeg says:

    Looks like the body is non-glossy…

    how great would that be!!!

  2. Slaps says:

    Yea it looks very nice without the glossy inside finish.

    Can’t wait for any videos you post!

  3. EYDELSUN says:

    Is this one have an e-SATA port?

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  5. Someone says:

    Luckily the glossy finish on the screen is still there… :S

    Is it really so difficult to make a laptop you can actually use outside, like they suggest you should do in all those nice advertisements about being able to working anywhere with your new notebook.

  6. dutran says:

    how heavy is it?

  7. max says:

    Virtually same as my UL30Vt-X1, it’s like 3.7 pounds, very very light indeed.

  8. macelius says:

    I know what my next lappy’s gonna be now, much thanks.

  9. Casey says:

    4-8 weeks? Really? I just can’t imagine this thing coming out for at least 3 months. I will be hoping every day until we hear something from Asus that you are right. I need a new lappy and was set on the VT and now this JT has really screwed me up.

    What does everyone think? Worth it to wait for the new i7? The automatic overclocking to 2.26ghz sounds fantastic. It just seems like a little patience would pay off to have this new 32nm architecture.

  10. max says:

    There’s always going to be better new laptops coming out every 3 months and prices drop about $200 for these laptops also. I would just get a laptop if you really need it right now but wait if you already have some other laptop to work with. Well, technology, is always getting better, cheaper. 🙂

  11. De ClubZ says:

    Cool laptop, I want one, this is the best!

  12. olivier says:

    It is a bit more than an update of the ul30vt.


    -> automatic video switching (no more button).
    -> automatic boost (increases clock speed as the load intensifies).
    -> no dimple trackpad.

    but still crap glossy screen >:/

  13. karthik says:

    Any idea how much this will retail for?

  14. Dim El' says:

    Nice. Now i’ll wait for this one and buy UL30VT-A1 cheaper 🙂
    this one will cost more than 1000$ because it has G310M and 650 HDD
    UL30VT-A1 can be upgraded to 8GB VRAM that is more important for me and i still can play lotro with G210M

  15. dustin says:

    Can you confirm NO dimple trackpad? I have a 30VT and the dimple trackpad is the only thing I hate about it. If the 30JT has a smooth trackpad, I’m getting one as soon as it hits the market.

  16. max says:

    Yes, the UL30Jt has the same dimple trackpad. Btw, you can rub your nose and rub your trackpad every once in awhile, it will work super smooth. Kinda dirty trick but works. Also, you can do the same on the foam for beer, it will bring the foam down quicker, my redneck friend taught me back in college like 10 years ago. 🙂

  17. isaac says:

    ok now that is just hilarious.

  18. max says:

    Oh good one, certainly not an i7 but I think i5 cores are still pretty darn good.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Any word on usb3?

  20. max says:

    no word on that sir yet!

  21. mario says:

    What’s processador? i7 640UM or i7620UM?
    i wait.. thancks!

  22. robbiwilco says:

    Hey Max,

    You are the bombster of online reviews. Love your crazy comments.

    How would you match up the Asus JT coming with an apple pro 13?

    Know it’s apples and oranges asus’s (haha) but what do you think? If the price is getting that high, are we in Macland?

  23. max says:

    I think the Asus UL30Jt will certainly be on par with apple pro 13 while the price should be cheaper. Well, I don’t think the prices will be higher than a Mac, the latest ASUS laptops have best performance and value, that’s why I bought the UL30Vt. Thanks for the complements bud!

  24. Kang says:

    When will this beautiful item will be released…?

    Its March… Asus has no comment yet…

  25. max says:

    I am sure anytime soon, although I have been saying that for 2 months now…

  26. Kang says:

    sigh… i hope this laptop comes out before mid-March.

    Please post release date if you know it…

  27. max says:

    Yeah I m checking this everyday so don’t worry when it’s out I will be the first to post it!

  28. Law says:

    OMG…. so should i get the JT or Vt-x1 ?????
    My laptop is super heavy to transport all around and i need a new one. I was convinced to get the Vt-x1 from amazon at 780$ and a free optical drive offer bundle with it, but since i landed on this Jt model i’m all messed up as to wait for JT or just buy the VT~!!

    PS: whats the difference between VT-a1 and Vt-x1?? can’t seem to find the answer on the net.


  29. max says:

    I would get the Vt-x1, it’s helluva deal, or get the Vt-a2, which has a slightly longer battery. You can wait for JT if you need better graphics card for mostly gaming but my Vt-x1 does 1080P HD flawless so if you don’t need more than that, Vts are great.

  30. Law says:

    Awsome~! i’ll just get the VT then. Thank you so much Max~!

  31. Pascal says:

    Pour info un PL30JT va sortir avec écran mat 🙂

    Le pieds 🙂

  32. Anonymous says:

    Une date de sortie ou toujours pas ??
    Any release date please ??

  33. max says:

    ASUS UL30Jt should be coming REAL SOON! See updated link on leaked ASUS UL30Jt FCC/Manuals!

  34. Anonymous says:

    My laptop just died today and this is the one i want >.< I hope it gets released soon!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Wait. Price for VT will go down as soon as JT hits the market.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if this thing has a backlit keyboard? That would seal the deal for me.

  37. robbiwilco says:


    I see mentioned that the UL30JT may have an i3 or i7, which is it?

    When do you think it will be out?

    And…do you do video editing on your UL30V?

    I’d really like to have light and think and able to vid edit as well as have hammering battery life.

    On road a lot and need light and long bat, an with my new/growing vid editing interest would like to be able to edit the 1080p or 7whateverp at least.

    Your call, Maxman?

  38. max says:

    If you need 1080P video editing, definitely wait for the UL30Jt. 1080P video editing on my UL30Vt works fine (for rendering) except video previews can a bit jaggy. For video editing you need to fastest processor you can get, the UL30Jt should have an i3 or i5, both which should be faster than the one on UL30Jt.

  39. dandy says:

    Dear All,

    Maybe all of you have known UL30JT -> U30Jc has arrived in US soil:


  40. dandy says:

    Uppss sorry.

    U30Jc is not the slim type UL30Jt.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I used to have a matt screen, and I thought I was so much better than all those with glossy screens.

    Then I got a new ASUS with a glossy screen, and I realized that all the glossy screens I’d looked at previously were just low quality, and the ASUS ones were actually quite good at keeping away glare and reflections.

    Not to mention color quality shot through the roof. I cannot express how much nicer the glossy screens are for noticing subtle color differences, and enjoying how crisp and sharp your full-hd movies are.

    I’m just waiting for this to be released, to make it my 4th laptop purchase this year, and 3rd ASUS this year. They build such nice products!

  42. robbiwilco says:


    How much “faster” is the J?

    Are there real life examples that would help put the performance increase of the UL30JT over VT into perspective?

    And with usual tasks like huge 70 page word documents, what is the difference?

    My netbook, Samsun Nc10, is awful in opening docs, opening up a new email, going from one web site to another. It defines patience. I don’t want that.

    Is the VT much faster than a netbook? And practicially, where will the J fall?

  43. Anonymous says:

    but not good enough that you stay with them for more then a few months 😀

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  45. papalazarou says:

    Goddamnit Asus… What about their PL line? PL80JT, PL30JT? 1215N?

    That’s it, I’m getting a Vaio Z :_( So gutted. I’m tired holding my breath!

  46. tony says:

    I just got UL50vt from Bestbuy
    I couldn’t wait for the JT’s
    I love my Ul50vt but the CPU is kind of SLOW for video rendering
    I am getting the JT’s when its out

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  48. john says:

    so, what is the new release date? we need to wait until 2011 for this model to show up? lol

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