Best Offline Blogging Client Software – Zoundry Raven Review!


For last couple years, I have been using Zoundry Raven, which is an open source “offline” blogging software that let’s you write blog posts without being online. As of today, my internet connection has been failing badly over here at Luxor hotel, I think it’s because they gave me a room that’s not “high” enough and blocked by some buildings.

Anyways, on those days, I turn to my Zoundry Raven, it works flawlessly with my WordPress, plus the tags can be tagged, something sometimes missing or not working well with other offline blogging software.

Also, there’s an option for you to upload images to an FTP server, Google Picasa, and others among things. But the WordPress image upload works flawlessly too.

Even this blog post, I am using Zounry Raven.

One thing to remember, make sure to turn off “Affiliate Links” which are turned off by default if you are already running your own affiliate campaigns for site revenue.


I’ve tried countless number of Blogging Client software and have to say, this one is the best for Windows users. (I heard Ecto is great for Mac users although I haven’t tried the Mac version. The PC Ecto kinda sucks.)

Download Zoundry Raven Here

One more note, Zoundry can also serve as “back-up” for all your blog posts as you can download all your blog posts, which is great.

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