Netgear 4G WiMax N Router!

Here’s some definitely great news for those of you who don’t want to pay for home and cellular internet service separately, a 4G WiMax N Router!  Of course, the only company is the U.S. who is rolling out 4G WiMax as of right now is Sprint.  But once that network is setup all around the counrtry, you should be able to browser the web everywhere with just one low payment for a WiMax device.  (At least we hope so, WiMax is supposed be faster than cable and DSL.)

I am getting on the plane soon and they have WiMAX coverage in Las Vegas so let me see if I can squeeze in a demo video of the new Netgear WiMax router. (via gizmodo)

NETGEAR Introduces New Wireless Routers to Connect to High-Speed 3G/4G/WiMAX Cellular Networks, with Unparalleled Features and Proven Worldwide Performance
CES Innovations Award-Winning Router is First to Integrate 802.11n Wireless, ADSL2+ and 3G/4G/WiMAX for Dual WAN Capability with Failover Protection

LAS VEGAS – January 6, 2010 – NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQGM: NTGR), a worldwide provider of technologically innovative, branded networking solutions, today announced two full-featured new routers for connecting to 3G/4G/WiMAX cellular networks. The 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router (MBRN3000) combines 802.11n wireless with connectivity to a high-speed cellular network via an external 3G/4G/WiMAX™ modem. The second router is the Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem – Mobile Broadband Edition (DGN2200M), which not only combines 802.11n wireless and support for 3G/4G/WiMAX cellular connectivity, but includes a built-in ADSL2+ modem as well, making it the industry’s first Wireless-N router to enable a DSL connection along with a 3G/4G/WiMAX failover option.

As evidence of its industry-leading features, the NETGEAR Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem – Mobile Broadband Edition (DGN2200M) is an honoree in the Home Networking category of the Consumer Electronics Show Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards, the industry’s highest accolade. NETGEAR will introduce its new products at two press events today in conjunction with the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. See today’s press release, “NETGEAR Introduces New Solutions at Consumer Electronics Show To Enable Any Media on Any Screen, Anywhere at Anytime” at

The award-winning Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem – Mobile Broadband Edition (DGN2200M) is the first wireless-N router in the retail market to offer a dual Wide Area Network (WAN) option for a failover 3G/4G/WiMAX Internet connection in case of DSL outage – ideal for small businesses that need a reliable backup Internet connection with zero downtime. Competing routers do not offer failover; are regionally focused with limited mobile operators; have shorter wireless range; are limited by how many wireless devices can connect simultaneously; or are without the capabilities of a full-featured router. The Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem – Mobile Broadband Edition addresses all of these issues, and sets a new bar for features and performance combined in a single router.

Both new NETGEAR mobile broadband routers can be used as a primary Internet connection in situations where no connection to a DSL, cable, fiber, or satellite network exists. By plugging an external 3G/4G/WiMAX modem into the new NETGEAR routers, customers can quickly set up a fixed or mobile Wi-Fi® hotspot virtually anytime, anywhere, with the ability to share a single high-speed cellular subscription with multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices such as a PC, iPhone™, iPod Touch®, PSP®, etc. The routers are ideal for mobile professionals, emergency response teams, construction crews, satellite offices and rural locations – wherever the group needs to quickly set up an Internet connection with both wireless and cellular connectivity options, and avoid expensive access charges or searching for Wi-Fi hotpots.

“At NETGEAR, we listen to our customers to determine what new features and technologies we should integrate into our products to address their individual lifestyles and business needs. And while connecting via DSL, cable, fiber and satellite broadband are always viable options, high-speed cellular networks are growing at a phenomenal rate,” said Som Pal Choudhury, NETGEAR’s senior product line manager for advanced wireless products. “Our new routers offer customers the performance of Wireless-N with the flexibility of connections via DSL or cellular networks, along with a lengthy set of features unique to NETGEAR products catering to the home and small businesses. At NETGEAR, we strive to offer our customers more networking choices, with more differentiated features, to support their increasingly connected lifestyles and business needs.”

Proven Compatibility

Cellular network connections for routers are becoming increasing popular in many countries as backup for DSL, as the cellular networks already offer speeds close to, or even exceeding, wired options. Cellular networks also offer an alternative option in locations where there are no high-speed wired Internet connections available, or satellite connections and wired options are too expensive.

The new NETGEAR mobile broadband routers are compatible, scalable and rigorously tested with top cellular carrier networks worldwide. Because mobile networks are unique to every country, both new NETGEAR routers have been proven with over 50 3G/4G/WiMAX USB modems from different manufacturers, across a number of top tier cellular networks worldwide. This gives flexibility to end customers to switch from one cellular provider to another at any time.

A Unique Combination of Features

The new NETGEAR mobile broadband routers share many unique features not previously bundled into a single device, including:

•Auto-detection capabilities for customers to select their country and the cellular service provider name for a hassle-free, plug-and-play setup.
•Live Parental Controls and content filtering for homes and small businesses, to make the network safer, more reliable and productive. Powered by OpenDNS®, this centralized rich web filtering solution protects any device on the network, including smartphones, PCs, gaming consoles or any Internet-enabled device from a single web-based interface – and absolutely free to NETGEAR customers.
•Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), VPN (Virtual Private Network) pass-through and Denial of Service protection.
•Guest networks (multiple SSID) capability to enable customers to set up multiple wireless networks within a home or small business. This is especially useful for setting up a dedicated network for guests to give them access to the Internet, but not other resources and files on the network.
•Automatic Quality of Service (QoS) for reliable video, voice and gaming.
•A broadband usage meter to ensure accurate measurement of download Internet traffic (via DSL and/or cellular networks) with customized alerts when close to the monthly bandwidth threshold, to help avoid excess usage charges.
•Push ‘N’ Connect with industry standard Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for securely connecting devices at the touch of a button.
•On/off switches for both power and Wi-Fi to help customers conserve energy.
•A compact sleek casing with LED indicators that can be viewed at any 180-degree angle, which can be positioned horizontally, vertically or even wall-mounted.
•Optional car power charger and a battery pack for complete mobile usage.

Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem – Mobile Broadband Edition (DGN2200M)

The CES Innovations Award-winning Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem (DGN2200M) is an 802.11n wireless router with dual Internet access options: to a DSL network via a built-in ADSL2+ modem and to a high-speed cellular network via an external 3G/4G/WiMAX USB modem. It is the first wireless-N router in the retail market to offer customers an automatic DSL-to-3G/4G/WiMAX cellular failover feature in case of a DSL outage, critical for businesses. During an outage, its integrated DSL modem temporarily routes Internet traffic to the secondary cellular broadband network via the external 3G/4G/WiMAX modem. When the backup cellular option is not in use, the router can be used to share a USB storage device thanks to the integration of NETGEAR ReadyShare®, which provides fast and easy access for any computer in the network to access a single external USB storage device. The Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem – Mobile Broadband Edition has been rigorously tested and proven for compatibility with top DSL and cellular carrier networks worldwide.

The Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL Modem – Mobile Broadband Edition (DGN2200M) will be available worldwide in April 2010 at an MSRP in the U.S. of $179. Photos and other information are at

3G/4G Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router (MBRN3000)

The 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router (MBRN3000) for consumers and small businesses unites 802.11n wireless and access to cellular networks via an external 3G/4G/WiMAX USB modem. It offers features that are nearly identical to those of the award-winning Wireless-N Router with DSL Modem (DGN2200M), but does not have an integrated DSL modem. It is designed for those customers who need only a WAN connection to a high-speed cellular network. It has been proven for compatibility with a broad range of cellular carrier networks worldwide. The 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router (MBRN3000) will be available worldwide in March 2010 at an MSRP in the U.S. of $149. Photos and other information are at

Backed by a one-year warranty and 24/7 technical support, the new NETGEAR routers will be available worldwide via leading retailers, direct marketers, e-commerce sites, and value-added resellers. A universal car power adapter is available separately. A list of compatible 3G/4G/WiMAX USB modems and mobile service providers is found at

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