Recycle DIY – How To Make a Room Divider Using Old Vinyl Records!

My mom has a rather large collection of Classic vinyl records, she practically owns the whole Classic genre.  In the 80s, my mom used to run a Record store, think of it as a mini-version of Tower Records.  (I am just glad she profited off that and got out before CDs became popular.)

Anyways, if you are like my mom who loves these vinyl records and still swear by them, you probably want to stop reading here.  For anyone else who wants to re-use your vinyl records into something more useful, how about turning it into classy room dividers for your roommate’s open room and you are tired of watching him get naked.(*sick joke*) (Or perhaps you are not tired of watching  her!  I heard in some European cultures such as France, women are more free when it comes to undressing.)

Old vinyl LPs! Initially they tried painting the records but weren’t satisfied with the results so they resorted to contact paper. We’ve seen the divider close-up and the contact paper does NOT look like contact paper – it looks really finished and polished. We like that this room divider allows you to peek through the two spaces it divides – living room and tv space. Perfect repurposing!

via apartmenttherapy

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  1. Ian Moise says:


    This is AWESOME!!! Just reposted to ReUseConnection’s FB page:

    If you have more reuse examples (or if you’ve written more articles on them), I would love to hear about them and post to our page.

    Cheers, Ian Moise

    ReUseConnection is a global website connecting people from any country who have reuse ideas.

  2. max says:

    Great, thanks, glad you like it! I shall have more green stuff, u can also check our “recycle” section here:

  3. Room Divider says:

    Good thinking for recycled things. This room divider is really very unique and useful thing. I gives the room a good looks and style. Recycled of used particle is really good for environment.

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