Auto DIY – How to Make an Intake for Your Car!

Most of you hot rodders know that stock intake is cause of many power losses, especially the more horsepower your car has in stock condition, the more horsepower you lose when you first buy the car.

Well, there’s a ton of aftermarket intake you can buy but you can also make your own using pipes and pipe connectors (Arr…I forgot what these are called, see pics).

My friend is really good at this, turning $20 of Home Depot pipes and a K & N filter to make his own custom intake for cars.   The performance benefit you get from this hack job versus ones you buy for hundreds of dollars is about the same.

You can also modify your front bumper to position your filter where the air will hit first, this would definitely make it a “cold-air” intake.

Of course, I wouldn’t try this on cars that have barely any space for modification and have crazy angles.

There’s an example of a 4″ custom intake done on a Cadillac CTS for your reference.

I used to do a lot of modding and hopefully I will get a cheap rice beater soon to do it again soon.

Remember, this easy mod could increase anywhere between 5-10% increase in overall horsepower for your car.

Plus, there’s not much that can go wrong with this mod, the intake just takes air in, it can get any simpler.  Exhaust, on the other hand, requires more professional pipe work, let your local pipe mechanic do it for super cheap.

2 Responses to Auto DIY – How to Make an Intake for Your Car!

  1. Wolf says:

    “pipe connectors (Arr…I forgot what these are called, see pics)”

    I think the word your looking for is hose clamp.

  2. max says:

    Right, thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for.

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